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Amazon affiliate
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Amazon affiliate

Why Amazon is such a popular e-commerce site because it does not make the cost of research and development for consumers’ convenience, by other e-commerce sites in the world. One in 8 people in the United States has an Amazon account. There is no product in the world that is probably not in the Amazon.

Amazon affiliate

People are searching Amazon by typing a product name and then your site is coming first, now it is going to search traffic from Niss site via search engine traffic to Amazon site. You can get a certain amount of commission from it for it to buy a product from Amazon. Because he is visiting you through the Amazon site. And it is seen that once he goes to Amazon he never buys a product, he will buy more than one product, so he will get his specific commission if he buys the product.Must come for a long time to come to affiliate marketing. In just one month, you cannot do very well in affiliate marketing. But if you give the best time, then you can do well. Amazon Nite Sites or Niche Products actually work on certain products or content, which is different from other traditional websites. Usually there is a separate content for each product on a niche site.Many people are financially self-reliant by working on the Amazon Niss site; even many are earning thousands of dollars. If you want, you can earn from this site or you can sell it after 3 months. Generally, if the last 3 months average income of any site is 500 dollars Then you can sell that site for 25-30 times higher price, that means 500×25 = 5000 dollar Bangladeshi taka about 4 lakh taka Niche site requires key keyword research, a domain selection and hosting setup, Word Press installs, standard content, good quality back link building, social media marketing and customized conversion rate.

If I consistently describe its steps, it would be fruitful for newcomers.

 Step-1: Select Niche

Amazon affiliate

You have to take profitable decisions. To see the Amazon site at the beginning of income from the Nish site. There are thousands of types of products. From them they have to decide which type of product will be able to work. When selecting the product, after reviewing it, the market needs to check whether it has current status or demand. Keyword selection is very important for the Amazon Niss site, because there will be no commission from Keyword Word Count. So be very careful about selecting keywords. If you choose the keyword properly, then you can come back to the ranking. You need to go down to work with the product, at the beginning of the job; you will see Amazon’s best selling products. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Revealer, or Lon gale Pro Ptnom as tools to select keywords.

 Step-2: Ideas about the contestant

Amazon affiliate

Know about your competitors. After selecting your keyword, you have the full market You have to verify and have a good idea about your competitors. The key word that you want to take, select it properly. Generally 1 for a site Search volume is between 1000 to 4000. 2. Keyword Competition must be definitely below 30. 3. The value of the product should be more than 100 dollar. 

Step-3: Select the best quality domain hosting

Amazon affiliate

 Verify the correct domain hosting. Once the keyword is selected, you will You can register domain from Go daddy, Name cheap, blue host and the hosting is not slow, it is very important to fast the loading speed.

 Step-4: Site Design

Amazon affiliate

Complete site setup will be done. Fix site content, themes, plug-in. Word Press is a great platform for Amazon Affiliates.

Step-5: List of some themes for affiliate marketing

The premium theme should be used to create a niche site in affiliate marketing. If you do not buy it, then you may be able to get rid of the copyright complications, malware attack, adware, and pirateet theme.It’s better not to be free again, because you cannot get the theme updated. Word Press version updates Along with this, the theme needs to be updated. Otherwise your site may be the favorite food for the spammers and 🙁 and since the money is projected for income, the money must be spent. Therefore, use the premium theme.

Paid theme list

1. Authorization Authority>

2. Ceefa>…

3. Hurry>…

4. In focus by Thrivithim>…

5. Pick Blog:…

6. Rupsha:…

Free Theme List

Although I guess the paid theme is for nite site. Still you can see these themes if you want to make a free theme.

1. Http: // / themes / slipstream /

2. Https: // themes / sparkling /

3. Https: // themes / hue man /

4. Https: // themes / ignite /

Step-6: Publish good quality content

Amazon affiliate

Publish content. If you can write content it then very well. If not, you can write from the content provider. Generally, following content will be for a specific site – a main article / guide: 2000 to 3000 words. Review Article: 10 to 15, each 800 to 1200 words. Informative article: 7 to 10, each 500 to 1200 words. It is fairly enough if these articles are just enough. The human mind will have to understand what people actually search Google by searching. For this reason, in addition to product reviews, the relevant content will be written. For him, write product reviews. There will be a binding guide or manual, related content, the quality of writing in addition to product reviews, that the reader should drive Amazon sites and write better quality than the competitor’s article.

Step-7: On page optimization

On-page optimization is required. There are over two hundred Google Factors for this to rank a page. Optimizing a page on-page optimization is 70% sure.

 Step-8: Social Media Marketing

Amazon affiliate

There is nothing new about social media marketing at the present time. For the promotion and expansion of the Niss Products, the easiest media and visitors can easily drive on the net site. Visitors can easily go through the add Nish Product can be sold in the near. Face book and Twitter Nite are the two biggest media media sites for marketing which together have a very good effect on social media and search engines.

Step-9: Good quality link building

Amazon affiliate

Building good quality links. Good quality links are easily ranked by Google. In one word, there will be links to the site of the site that will show more in Google search results. Now if someone gives your search by typing in the product Then your site will see if you have a good quality back link. Affiliate Marketing Al-Amin Kabir, with a back link, said that Google’s 65% ranking factor related to the back link is related. When you have a link to your site with another site, Google will give you the authority to assist you in ranking the Nish site.

Step-10: Verify the conversion rate

Amazon affiliate

Critical Conversions Rate Conversion Rate is the site’s visitor how much is buying a product from the Amazon site. You can get as much commission as you would through your site, which means visitors will buy the product. But visitors are coming to your site, but until they buy a product from Amazon You will not get any commission. So, to visit the Amazon site, you have to follow some things to buy products from Amazon sites by clicking on your affiliate link. Through this, your visitor will buy your niche product from Amazon, which will unveil the commission of your desired commission.

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