Protein rich food for vegetarians

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Protein rich food for vegetarians
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Weight increased, problem is in the body. Avoiding meat and greasy foods, perseverance, so that the waistline decreases slightly. But just to reduce the health of vegetables, getting the necessary nutrients!

According to a report on food and nutrition website, it is reported that due to fresh vegetarians, all nutrition is not required. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to collect all kinds of nutrients from the vegetables.

Protein rich food for vegetarians

Build habit with time:

A long practice cannot be changed and it can be harmful. Take time before you completely exclude meat. Remove material by one to two per week. In this, the body can adapt to the habit. Besides, meat, eggs, etc. will reduce the quantity of amicable food to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits.

Dietary substitutes:

Vegetarians avoid milk as well as milk and dairy products. In this case, milk made from almonds, coconut milk, soy milk, nut made from nuts, tofu etc. may be the option of ‘dairy’ food for vegetarians. Ghee may be Olive Oil Potato made butter can be used to prepare sweet foods.


Protein and Calcium Source:

There is no shortage of protein and calcium in the body that plays a vegetarian diet. These two nutritional components can also be met from various herbal sources. Nuts, various cereals, pods, pulses, herbaceous foods etc. can be sources of protein and calcium. Vitamin B and calcium supplements can also be taken to meet the needs. To meet the demand of omega-3, you can eat walnuts, tissue seeds or oil etc. There should be plenty of fruits for antioxidant and hydrotherapy. Instead of eating outdoors, use the habit of cooking at home.


Why do you want to be vegetarian?

What is your purpose behind being a vegetarian to be completely vegetarian? Whether you are eating vegetarian thinking about health or taking the decision to avoid the responsibility of killing animals! If the second is the main reason, then not just eating habits, but also for the use of cosmetics. The brands tested on animals should be avoided, as well as those cosmetics that use the fats of various organisms to be excluded from the list. Also, avoid using skin-made accessories.


14 Best Vegetarian Protein Sources

Green peas


Nuts and nut butter




Leafy greens


Chia seeds

Sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds


Non-dairy milk

Unsweetened cocoa powder



Low-Fat Yogurt

Non-Fat Cheddar



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