Signs of a stroke in men

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Signs of a stroke in men
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What is stroke?

In medical sciences, stroke means the manifest nerve disease. Continuous blood supply system is important for continuing to work in the brain cells. Because the brain controls the whole body activities. Through the blood, the brain receives the necessary oxygen and glucose supplies. If there is a disruption in this supply for any reason, it can damage the cells, which is known as brain stroke in medical science.

Signs of a stroke in men

If a part of the body is damaged due to a stroke, then that part of the limbs of the body could become unstable. The right part of the brain directs the left part of the body, and the left part directs the right part of the body. Therefore, if a part of the brain is completely damaged due to stroke, the contrary part of the body may become numb.

When one part of the body becomes obsolete, hemiplegia is called hemi paresis and when it is absent, he is called hemi paresis. But if any part of the body becomes stuck due to stroke it can recover slowly. In this case, the role of an experienced neurologist is important. Also, it may be necessary to take physiotherapy also under the supervision of physiotherapist.

Brain stroke is not a cardiovascular disease in any way. But if the patient has high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, then the risk of stroke increases.

This can be disturbed by blood clotting or bleeding, and blood supply to the brain. The bleeding may also cause a stroke through bleeding. 

Types of cases

The stroke of the standard is two kinds. An ischemic stroke and the other is hemorrhagic stroke. In the case of ischemic stroke, blood circulation is blocked in one part of the brain and in case of hemorrhagic stroke the brain is bleeding.


Two types of stroke have similar symptoms. The symptoms change in the area of ​​the brain, obstruction of the area, etc. The doctor should be shown in the case of any type of stroke. If there is delay, new symptoms can occur and at one stage it may be difficult to heal.

Dizziness, difficulty in walking, difficulty in balancing

Talking is a problem

Depressed, weakness, one side of the body is in vain

Goggle in the eyes, dark or twinkling eyes, suddenly seen in the eye

Suddenly a lot of headache  

The reason

Stroke and heart disease vary, but the risk factors are almost the same. Normally men older than 55 years have a stroke.

High blood pressure

More cholesterol

Diabetes or diabetesS


Drinking alcohol

Family history


In the United States, five people are affected by stroke every year and 1.5 million people die. Many survivors are victims of dysfunction. Coronary heart disease and stroke are the major causes of death after cancer.Avoid risk factors, reduce the risk of stroke or reduce the risk of health by living a healthy life.

To do:

Keep blood pressure under control

The consumption of saturated fat, such as animal oil, egg red, ghee, butter, or any type of oily food will be reduced.Smoking cannot be done at all. Poly unsaturated fats such as soybean oil can be eaten. Fish and fish oils are also beneficial.Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene reduce the risk of food-stroke.

Low-dose aspirin is also quite beneficial for stroke sufferers, but also reduces the risk of stroke.

Eat foods according to the rules

Carefully control diabetes

Route walk or light running

Controlling anxiety

Do not drink alcohol, do not drink alcohol


If stroke occurs in important areas of the brain, any type of bleeding here can cause severe fatalities. Therefore it is necessary to take measures to diagnose diseases quickly. If you cannot remove the clotting blood in the brain within 3 to 6 hours, then there is a permanent loss of time. The patient may become paralyzed permanently or even die.

Examples of tests that are generally understood to have been stroke are:

Measuring blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, amino acids etc.See whether Arthur’s photo of neck artery has become narrow by ultra sound Angiography: A type of color is inserted into the body through the x-ray and the blood circulation of the body is taken.In addition, the condition of the brain is monitored through CT scan and MRI.Heart pictures were also taken through echocardiography.

It is important to determine the stroke caused by bloodshed or because of the obstruction of blood flow. Aspirin is beneficial for stroke due to blood flow due to cholesterol or any other cause, but aspirin is harmful for stroke due to bleeding. It is known to scan the city.

Stroke can be in a variety of ways. The patient may feel better in a few minutes after experiencing stroke symptoms in the transient ischemic attack or passing stroke. After a few more times, the patient can become better in 24 hours. But if it lasted more than 24 hours, it can not be called a transitive ischemic attack or a passing stroke.


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