Types of computer virus

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What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a program or script that is specially designed or designed so that you can steal personal or institutional data by accessing your operating system, or any personal information such as your online. Account passwords, your browsing history, access to personal files on your hard drive, and may use them for any bad purpose. Maybe you or I can never imagine what a computer virus can do more. Hopefully, there is a little bit of the idea that what is the virus and what is used in the work.

Types of computer virus

Types and types of computer viruses

 According to technology experts, 11 types of computer viruses have been found so far. Here are the names of some categories of those categories and each of the following:

Boot Sector Virus

The boot sector name comes from MS-DOS, which is known as Master Boot Record (the first part of a partitioned device) on modern operating systems. The boot sector virus came in the floppy, when the four-disk disc was used to boot the computer. However, with the development of computer, with the changes in the virus spreading radically, there is a sudden floppy disk virus.

Browser Hijacker

Let’s talk about this generation of viruses. You may go to the Internet to find a song, picture or video on a computer or a Smartphone. Google found out that the desired thing was found. But clicking on your browser does not just go to another site where you see a special product or service advertisement.These types of viruses are called browser hijacker.Although it appears to be very silly and polite, it is not just the main purpose of this virus, but this is the main purpose of the virus. After all, their mission started! Whether you want or not, whether or not the mobile is in the MB or not (if necessary, even if the money is cut from the original account), the virus will now drop your device into all anonymous programs that bring the real Risk Factors. Also, the browser hijacker virus automatically pulls you into your browser with the notable search engine toolbar – and it slows down your Internet surfing.


This kind of virus is made by targeting large corporate networks. Their job is to tweak the scripting language. Examples of warm water, such as Halve Mar gate, F. I Love U, etc.

Direct Action Virus

Although these viruses do not start their own work, you may have gone into hiding for a long time on your device. Then, one day, when the infected file is executed it starts its destruction. In 1988, the virus virus that was blocked in every computer in Brazil was the virus virus in 1988.
File Infect-or

The number of viruses in this category is the highest. Once these viruses take refuge in one of the files on the infected PC, overwrite the file as soon as it is executed and then spreads itself to the folders in the folder. File In fact Virus usually attacks .exe type files.

Macro virus

Microsoft Office of Macro Viruses, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. When the device is infected, open the office file, instead of the original writing, there are some textbooks. However, the horrifying aspect of this virus is that in the case of those who communicate via email to Outlook, the mail is sent to the website with the name of the pornographic website and all email addresses stored in it.

Trojan horse

The name ‘horses’ are there, but they do not run themselves, rather they make the owner of the computer or Smartphone that makes the place of harassment. The most horrifying aspect of the Trojan is that it can format hard disks at any moment, meaning that all your pictures, data or files will be deleted forever. The special features of the Trojan that they can look like! For example, one is Computer users might like to play games and run more such programs. Trojan will show itself as a gaming folder and click to wait. Forgetting the mind of the user, after clicking on that file, the defeat is what happens.

Multipurpose Virus

New categories of viruses in this category are available in this category. Generally a virus spreads and works through any one – but, in this category Viruses use multiple media at once. Due to the use of multi-modal media and procedures, this type of virus is also more susceptible to damage.

Polymorphic virus

Another powerful virus-group Polymorphic. After the infection, code changes in each extension (usually by specifying the virus, by specifying the code of the virus – as a result of the code being changed, a virus cannot be found again), they combine a joint attack on the infected device.

Resident Virus

The virus’ most ‘awkward’ virus is undoubtedly the Resident Virus.Other viruses take shelter in different files, which are stored in different folders of hard disks, but when the resident virus is operating on a hard disk while the operating system enters the computer or Smartphone RAM in the main memory. The most terrible thing is that once you take refuge in the memory of a computer, it becomes somehow impossible to stop the virus,It is only a matter of time that the whole computer or Smartphone is inappropriate to use.

Web scripting virus

We often find that some websites are asked to install different add-ons to see the videos or any other content appearing on their page. Web scripting virus spreads from Execution of such files.


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