Types of cyber crime

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Types of cyber crime
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Whenever any crime or crime occurs online or via the Internet, it is called cybercrime or crime. This is the simplest definition.

According to Section 57, 57 (1) person publishes or disseminates such information in the website or any other electronic form, which is considered to be false and obscene or related to any of the circumstances, if seen or dis invited, The person may be motivated by evil or by whom defamation, the possibility of deterioration of law and order is created, the state or person’s image is damaged or hurt by religious feelings, or such information is provoked against any person or organization. If this is a crime it will be done.

(2) If a person commits an offense under sub-section (1), he shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of fourteen years and a minimum of seven years and not more than one crore taka.

Types of cyber crime

Types of cyber crimes

 Identity stealing

Identity theft and fraud is one in every of the foremost common varieties of crime. The term fraud is employed, once an individual purports to be another person, with a read to making a fraud for money gains. Once this can be done on-line on the net, it is termed on-line fraud. The foremost common supply to steal identity info of others, square measure information breaches moving government or federal websites. It may be information breaches of personal websites too, that contain vital info like – MasterCard info, address, email ID’s, etc.

Ransom ware

this is one amongst the detestable malware-based attacks. Ransom ware enters your network and encrypts your files exploitation public-key secret writing, and in contrast to different malware this secret writing key remains on the hacker’s server. Attacked users square measure then asked to pay large ransoms to receive this personal key.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks area unit accustomed build an internet service unprocurable and convey it down, by bombarding or overwhelming it with traffic from multiple locations and sources. Massive networks of infected computers, known as Botnets area unit developed by planting malware on the victim computers. The thought is often to draw attention to the DDOS attack, and permit the hacker to hack into a system. Extortion and blackmail may well be the opposite motivations.

Spam and Phishing

Spamming and phishing square measure 2 quite common sorts of cybercrimes. There’s not abundant you’ll be able to do to regulate them. Spam is essentially unwanted emails and messages. They use Spam bots. Phishing may be a methodology wherever cyber criminals provide bait in order that you’re taking it and provides out the data they need. The bait are often in style of a business proposal, announcement of a lottery to that you ne’er signed, and something that guarantees you cash for nothing or a little favor. There square measure on-line loans firms too, creating claims that you just will get insecure loans regardless of your location.

Such spamming and phishing tries square measure largely emails sent by random individuals whom you probably did not ever hear of. You must keep one’s distance from any such provides particularly once you feel that the offer is just too sensible. The USA crime Center says – don’t get into any quite agreements that promise one thing too sensible to be true. In most cases, they’re faux offers attending to get your info and to urge your cash directly or indirectly.

Social Engineering

Social engineering could be a technique wherever the cyber criminals create a right away contact with you exploitation emails or phones – largely the latter. They fight to achieve your confidence and once they succeed at it, they get the data they have. This info may be regarding you, your money, your company wherever you’re employed or something which will be of interest to the cyber criminals. It is straightforward to seek out out basic info regarding folks from the web. Exploitation this info because the base, the cyber criminals try and bind you and once they succeed, they’re going to disappear, deed you vulnerable to totally different monetary injuries directly and indirectly. They will sell the data obtained by you or use it to secure things like loans in your name. The latter case is of fraud. You must be terribly careful once handling strangers – each on phone and on the web.


Malvertising could be a methodology whereby users transfer malicious code by merely clicking at some advertising on any web site that’s infected. In most cases, the websites square measure innocent. It’s the cyber criminals United Nations agency insert malicious advertisements on the websites while not the information of the latter. It’s the work of advert corporations to ascertain out if a poster is malicious however given the quantity of advertisements they need to alter, the malverts simply pass off as real ads.

They show the malverts for a jiffy and take away it from the positioning when meeting their targets. All this is often therefore quick that the web site doesn’t even apprehend they were used as a tool for crime. Malvertising is one in all the quickest, increasing sorts of crime.


PUPs, unremarkably called doubtless Unwanted Programs are less harmful however additional annoying malware. It installs unwanted computer code in your system together with search agents and toolbars. They embody spyware, adware, additionally as dialers. Bit coin jack was one in all the foremost unremarkably noticed PUPs in 2013.


Drive By Downloads too, identical to malvertising. You visit an internet site and it triggers a transfer of malicious code to your pc. These computers are then accustomed mixture knowledge and to govern different computers additionally.

The websites could or might not recognize that they need been compromised. The user doesn’t even recognize that there’s a transfer ongoing.

Remote Administration Tools

Remote Administration Tools square measure won’t to perform banned activities. It is wont to management the pc victimization shell commands, steal files/data, send location of the pc to an overseas dominant device and additional.

Exploit Kits

A vulnerability means that some drawback within the committal to writing of a software system that permits cyber criminals to achieve management of your pc. There square measure able to use tools (exploit kits) within the web market which individuals should buy and use it against you. These exploit kits square measure upgraded rather like traditional software system. Solely distinction is these square measure banned. they’re accessible principally in hacking forums yet as on the Dark net.


Notable among web scams area unit, scams that misuse the Microsoft name and alternative general school support scams. Scammers phone PC users indiscriminately and supply to repair their PC for a fee. Each single day, millions of innocent folk’s area unit treed by scam artists into on-line school Support Scams and made to mete out many greenbacks for non-existent PC issues.

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