Which food is good in pregnancy?

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Which food is good in pregnancy?

What to eat during pregnancy

Which food is good in pregnancy?

You are going to be a mother, so you should eat healthy food right now. In this case, you must be aware that you and your child are getting enough nutritious food from the food. Your daily diet must contain the following four types of pustic foods.

  • Spinach Vegetables and Fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits should be underneath the daily diet.
  • Starch foods: rice, bread and potato foods
  • Protein foods: Fish, meat, eggs and pulses are a good source of protein. Also available on marine fishes, iodine which is very important for the child.
  • Dairy Food: These are foods made from milk, curd and milk. It contains plenty of calcium.

What should eat more during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the mother’s body works much more than before. But usually the first six months do not need extra calories. The best way is to eat whenever you feel hungry. In the first few weeks, due to vomiting and weakness, food can cause irritation.

What should not be eaten during pregnancy?

Eggs and egg yolks must be cooked perfectly. Do not eat half-finished or raw eggs. Any meat should be cooked properly and should not be eaten with raw meat or semi-boiled meat. It is not too much to eat chicken or cow dung. It is not good to drink more than one cup of coffee or tea in the day. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

 Diet in pregnancy

Diet should not be done during pregnancy, so that your body may suffer from pusillitis. Good weight gain during pregnancy, but if your weight increases too much, then take out foods that are sugar and fat in the diet and exercise light. But consult a doctor before then.

How much weight will increase during pregnancy?

Increasing weight is best. Generally, weight can increase by 10-12 kilograms during pregnancy.

How many times a day will you eat?

Eat regular food. You can also light breakfast 3-4 times as well as three times a day. If there is any disorder or indigestion, then you will eat a few times more often. 

12 super food during pregnancy

These 10 meals are rich in nutrients which will keep the mother and baby healthy.

 1) Egg:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Eggs play an important role in the development of the child’s brain and remove the birth defects. It is good to eat egg wholesome during pregnancy. And if someone wants to eat omelet or eggs, then it is important to be careful that the egg is not raw.

 2) Sweet potato:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Sweet potato contains plenty of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and iron. These are essential for the growth of the baby. Besides, there is a copper that helps in absorption of iron in the body rapidly. It can boil or boil the sweet potato. You can also eat fries like fries.

 3) Nuts:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Nuts contain omega-3, proteins, fiber and various types of vitamins and minerals. Also there are magnesium’s that reduce the risk of premature delivery and help in the formation of baby’s nervous system.

 4) Crops and pulses:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

There are plenty of protein and iron available from grains and pulses. Besides, zinc and calcium can also be found.

 5) Meat without fat:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Protein and iron are available from the flesh. This plays an important role in the development of a child’s brain.

 6) Orange juice:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

You get plenty of potassium, vitamin C from a glass of orange juice. This will strengthen the structure of the baby’s teeth and bones.

7) Yogurt:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Contains more calcium than milk. It also contains Vitamin B and Zinc. A pregnant mother must take adequate calcium. By the lack of calcium, the baby may be born with less weight during birth and the mother may suffer from bone problems later on.


Which food is good in pregnancy?

Oats contain plenty of fiber, protein and vitamin B6. In the morning, one otami can start eating oatmeal, so that the morning vomiting may be a little lower. During pregnancy, many people suffer from congestion. Oats of plenty of fiber will release you from this problem. Oats are available to buy various super shops and stores. 

9) Greens:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

There is nothing to say about vegetables. It contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that both the baby and the mother will keep both people healthy.

10) Fish:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Different types of fish should be kept in your food menu. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

11) Parsley spinach, chickpeas and bins without fat:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Are rich in iron, which helps your child to be intelligent. These foods should certainly be eaten during pregnancy. Loha conveys oxygen to your baby. You should also eat your iron supplement in consultation with the doctor.

 12) Blubber:

Which food is good in pregnancy?

Blue fruits such as fruit, artichoke (data trees), tomatoes and red beans contain   antioxidants and should be eaten during pregnancy. These results protect your child’s brain tissue and help develop. 

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